Why read this book?

Posts on this blog have content taken from the book, which will give you an idea of what it covers. But to understand why I wrote it, and whether you might like to read it, ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you felt frustrated when politicians and pundits juggle facts and figures leaving you baffled by a mess of complexity and opinion?
  • Have you felt aggrieved when during a debate in the media – either traditional or social – opponents make contradictory claims on a point and you wish you could be sure who was correct, or at least closest to the truth?
  • Or do you suspect a particular party – one you oppose, or perhaps one you favour – of cherry-picking information or distorting the numbers?
  • How does Scotland really work?
  • What do you as a citizen need to know?

The aim of this book is to share an understanding of the information and data that should underpin the political debate in Scotland. If you just want some facts and figures then you’ll find them within, but the intention is not just to list statistics about Scotland; it is to highlight sources, dismantle barriers of jargon and place information in a context where you can relate them to your morals and politics. In short, to assist anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of our society.

Politics is society’s attempt to make sense of a jumbled nest of moral and factual issues and as such is a tremendously difficult business. This book will help you untangle and identify some of the certain and uncertain facts. What you then do with them is entirely up to you.